Stroke Deaths : Stroke is targeting the youth.. One dies every three minutes.. Do you have those symptoms?

Stroke Deaths : Stroke is targeting the youth.. One dies every three minutes.. Do you have those symptoms?

Stroke Deaths Increasing Day by Day : Like no other year, this year the word stroke gives everyone a heart attack. A recent study said that more than 795,000 people suffered a stroke this year like never before. That means one case of stroke is registered every 40 seconds. Every three minutes someone dies from a stroke. But the symptoms of this stroke are different in men and women.. Experts have found that especially women die more from this problem. Stroke is the third leading cause of death due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, this year, experts have found that stroke cases and deaths are increasing all over the world. It has been found that the number of deaths has also increased due to the lack of proper awareness among the people about this matter. It is said that this stroke can be detected early and treated with some symptoms. And now let's know more details about the stroke that haunts the youth. 

If the symptoms are not recognized.. 

The early signs of stroke are the same in everyone. But not recognizing them as stroke symptoms increases its risk and severity. If a stroke is not detected in the early stages, it becomes difficult to treat. A stroke causes a blockage in the arteries that supply blood to the brain. These make the blood supply to the brain difficult. It has two types of strokes. Ischemic stroke occurs when blood clots or blocks an artery.

Symptoms of a stroke are..

Bleeding of a blood vessel inside the brain is called a hemorrhagic stroke. This type of stroke is often caused by a head injury, high BP, drug abuse, or a brain tumor. Symptoms of stroke include weakness on one side of the body, crookedness on one side of the face, loss of vision, imbalance, slurred speech, weakness of the arm or leg. All this happens within a few minutes. So if you notice the early signs of a stroke, you should go to the doctor immediately. Fainting, weakness, confusion, unresponsiveness, nausea, vomiting, hiccups are more common in women.

10 million deaths by 2050.

A 2023 Lancet journal study in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research found that by 2050, brain strokes could lead to 10 million deaths in other countries, including India. If stroke symptoms are identified and taken to the hospital within three hours, treatment can be provided quickly. Even if the condition improves with treatments.. there is a need to focus more on preventing the actual stroke. 

There should be these changes in lifestyle..

If you want to avoid stroke. Definitely changes in lifestyle. It contributes to the health of blood and arteries. A balanced diet should be taken regularly to avoid any problems. Carbohydrates are needed for brain power and fats for functioning. So take them regularly in your diet. High cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure also increase the risk of stroke. Regular exercise, good diet and reducing mental stress are good. Vitamin B12, E, antioxidants improve brain health. 

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