Social Justice: People are waking up with depression.. a new study tells the reasons

Social Justice: People are waking up with depression.. a new study tells the reasons

Study on Woke Culture : It is said to have positive thoughts immediately after waking up. The generation has changed. Abba just turned white? Do you have to wake up and go now? They are waking up thinking why they woke up. What is important to say is that people are not happy about waking up, but a new study suggests that people are feeling depressed about what they will face today. 

Unbelievable facts 

Almost all Studies are conducted on physical health, new events, and various conditions. But some do studies on psychological conditions. The truth is that studies like these often contain facts that we don't believe. Recently, psychological researchers in Finland conducted a study to measure their commitment to social justice. He studied the effects of external conditions on humans and discovered surprising things. They were published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. It suggested that Western countries should also recognize the fears of their citizens. 

Critical Social Justice..

5000 thousand people with different attitudes from different regions participated in this study. . The researchers were surprised by the answers they gave about their mood right after waking up. They reveal what their critical social justice attitude is like after waking it pushes them into reality. He said how the social conditions there are affecting them. 

Racism is high in some areas. Some people said that because whites have a higher income than blacks, they are racist.. Some complained that blacks in college are seen as one type and whites as another. Others lamented that women did not help women's rights. He said that there is no need to discuss much about skin tone and body. Others expressed their views that no matter how much talent we have, we are always seen as cheap. Very few are found to start the day with positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts have dried up

While three out of five women wake up with positive thoughts, only one in seven men think positively, this study said. They said that women's thinking is different in education, humanities and social sciences. However, it is said that mental health is necessary for both men and women. They say that we should not spoil our health by thinking too much about certain types of disappointments and things that are not in our hands. Professor Lahtinen said that similar researches should be done not only in the countries they have studied, but also in different countries. It has been revealed that the effect of the surrounding circumstances.. takes some people to despair.. They are afraid of what they will have to face when they wake up. If you think about it, you also feel that the situation is the same in all countries. 

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