Snoring Side Effects: Does Snoring Cause Asphyxiation? Prevent it with these diet rules!

Snoring Side Effects: Does Snoring Cause Asphyxiation?  Prevent it with these diet rules!

Most of us take the light for granted. But, experts say that snoring not only disturbs the sleep of those around you, but can also lead to a dangerous sleep disorder, sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when breathing stops during sleep. Usually, it occurs in people with snoring problem. Sleep apnea is also life-threatening. But some research suggests that changing your eating habits can reduce the risk of sleep apnea. Now let's see what kind of food can get rid of snoring and the resulting sleep apnea! So people with this problem should not take outside food. A study found that those who consumed the most greens, vegetables and fruits had the least snoring problems. Also, this research also says that the problem of snoring is the most in those who take a lot of junk food and eat less greens and vegetables. 

Dr. from Flinders University. Yohannes speaking to a media organization.. "By consuming only plant-based foods, inflammation and obesity in the body can be reduced.. and thus, snoring and sleep apnea can be prevented.’’ He said. He revealed in his research how healthy eating habits can help to get rid of terrible sleep disorders.

When sleeping, the respiratory tract is closed and the air does not come out and the breath stops. This is called sleep apnea. This can sometimes lead to loss of life. The most common type of this is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Surveys show that 1.5 billion British people are facing problems with this disorder. When awake, lethargic.. and therefore unable to pay attention to anything, talk. Mood swings.. Also, early morning headaches.

ERJ Open research has shown how people's eating habits can affect dangerous diseases. The researchers looked at data from 14,210 participants in the US Health and Nutrition Survey. What food did they eat in the 24 hour period, did they have sleep apnea up until this point? Focused on other things. They found that the problem was 22 percent higher among those who ate a lot of sugar, sweets, and junk food. They found that among those who ate more junk, women were at a higher risk of sleep apnea than men. 

Cutting out unhealthy junk and eating only plant-based foods can help prevent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea problems. Professor Sophia Shizha of Crete University says that it can be revealed.

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