Section 69 of New IPC : Do you know about this section? Boys should definitely know

Section 69 of New IPC : Do you know about this section?  Boys should definitely know

Love Jihad Law : Along with the changing times.. some sections are also addressed to the people.. according to their welfare. But some people don't have proper understanding about these sections and many people are not able to get the justice due to them. One thing to think about is that even the youth do not know some sections. But if you have interest to know about them, you will know many new things. Now the youth should know section 69. It is very good if girls and boys know about this. 

This section is for such people

Love in New Gen. Things like relationships, breakups have become very common. Some maintain a relationship with mutual understanding while others enter into a relationship thinking it is true love. There are many people who get close in the name of love for physical gains. This IPC 69 has been framed for such people. 

The same proves..

Any boy approaches a girl in the name of love.. and physically approaches with the promise of marriage.. If he is not able to keep that promise, the boy will be punished under this section. Imprisonment for ten years or fine. The penalty will be determined according to the circumstances. In some cases, both imprisonment and fine can be imposed. In this case, the messages sent by the boy to the girl, voice notes or call recordings are considered as the main proofs. If the boy says that he will get married.. if he does not do so, this punishment will be imposed on the boy. 

It gives relief to the girls..

This section has been brought to the fore as more and more similar cases are being registered in recent times. It should be said that this section gives good relief to girls who are physically cheated by boys. This is sure to scare the boys who are physically infatuated with the promise of marriage. Also, this section will give some relief to the girls who get physically close to the boy they love and don't know what to do if he shows his face. 

We need a section..

< p> Boys are talking about this section 69 which has come up now.. They are saying on social media that they want to bring a similar section. Boys are posting videos on social media to bring a similar section on boys who make us feel emotional.. love with all our heart.. show hope of getting married.. and finally leave us and show us parents. It is better to be clear about the relationship. Whether they are in love or in a relationship, if both of them openly discuss about it, their relationship will be strong. There is no possibility of others deceiving you in the name of love. Moreover, there is no rule to be physically close while in love. Not only girls in this matter..Boys too if you are careful, no section will bother you. 

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