Sai Kumari Aunty: If all the lakhs come, why stay in Rekula's house? That singer's mother – Kumari aunty taught me how to cook

Sai Kumari Aunty: If all the lakhs come, why stay in Rekula's house?  That singer's mother – Kumari aunty taught me how to cook

Sai Kumari Aunty: "Yours has become a thousand rupees, father.. two livers extra" Now this dialog‌ Tribe Famous‌. Instagram‌Instagram‌, Face‌Book‌ Which open‌ Trolls on this. The name of the aunty seen in those reels is Sai Kumari. Everyone calls her Kumari Aunty. Daily Meals on the roadside opposite Inorbit Mall in Durgam Pond. Amme is now social‌ Media Sensation‌ It should be said. So much so that Saikumari Anti Road‌side‌ Meals point‌ Even the cinematographers are doing promotions. And troll her in Reels‌ Is Saikumari Aunty earning that much per day? What is the actual earnings? Does she do all the cooking? Where did you actually learn cooking?

Tasty food‌.. Her success‌ Secret‌

Saikumari Meals near ITC Kohinoor‌ point‌ Ever since very famous‌. The reason is the tasty food she serves. The way she greets with a smile. In fact, many fans of Saikumari Aunty Food‌ There are However.. popular YouTuber‌, anchor‌ Shiv Jyoti makes a video and she is still famous‌ became After that every YouTube‌ Saikumari aunty became a social media star as the channel made videos with her. became And now to the actual matter.. She is so tasty food‌ The secret behind providing Ento said in an interview recently. 

"I prepare all the powders used in cooking at home. That's why food‌ So taste‌ will be Actually I don't like cooking. But, Singer‌ Hemachandra Thalle taught me all the cooking. I learned how to cook with such taste from her. All I use is number‌ 1 Quality. Everyone is looking at the rate.. not looking at the cost. Trolls coming at me‌ I don't even have time to watch. We came here from the state of having no food to eat. They say that lakhs are coming.. If all the lakhs come, the petals will not stay at home. Only 5 to 6 thousand per day is left. The cost is high. Six people came and ate that day. Lever‌ took I said that the total for them is Rs.1000. Troll it‌ are doing Trolls It doesn't hurt to see.. My mother said that when we do good, we have to face any difficulties. He also said the same. His support‌ That is why I am able to work so much" Saikumari said about herself.

100 kg chicken per day..

Every day 100 kg chicken‌, about 10 kg mutton‌, boti, talakaya curry. Cooked saikumari. It will be empty in just 2 hours.. She is crazy‌ What can be understood. Her food‌ Taste‌ You can imagine how it would be. And you are Aunty Food‌ Taste‌ Did you?

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