Saggubiyyam Vadalu Recipe : Crunchy Vadalu with Stuffing.. Tasty Breakfast Recipe

Saggubiyyam Vadalu Recipe : Crunchy Vadalu with Stuffing.. Tasty Breakfast Recipe

Saggubiyyam Vadalu Making Process : As soon as you wake up in winter morning, you want to eat something tasty for breakfast. Different from the routine.. If you want to start a bit crunchy and tasty, you can make fritters with stuffing. It does not require much effort to make them. With the ingredients available at home.. you can fry hot stuffing in a short time. Whether you want to work hard for this, you don't need much time at all. The recipe is very simple. And what are the ingredients required to make this tasty recipe.. Now let's know how to prepare them. 


Stuffing – 250 grams

Bengal potatoes – 100 grams (boiled and peeled)

Pallis – 50 grams (fried and peeled and kept aside)

Ginger – 10 grams (finely grated) < /p>

Green chilli – 10 grams (finely grated) 

Coriander – 1 bunch (finely grated) 

Cumin powder – 5 grams

< p>Salt – enough

Pepper powder – little

Ghee or oil – 50 ml

Preparation method

When you want to prepare this recipe.. soak the stuffing for half an hour before starting the cooking. Now take a big bowl and separate the water from the soaked stuffing. Place the stuffed batter in a bowl. Add boiled beetroots, palli, ginger, green chillies, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper powder to it and mix well. Mix all these ingredients by hand so that they are well mixed. 

This mixture should be rolled into small fritters and kept aside. Light the stove and place the atlakada on it. Keep it on medium flame.. Add ghee or oil on it. After it heats up, place the fried stuffed cutlets. After one side is roasted, the other side should be roasted. It should be roasted crispy on both sides. It should be served with your favorite chutney. 

It can be taken as breakfast in the morning or as an evening snack. Moreover, it is a good combination with hot chai. Children like it very much. So you can put it in their snack box. Crunchy foods are definitely loved by kids. So they are a good choice for breakfast. Besides, ingredients like ginger and pepper in it are good for health. Children as well as adults can pull these comfortably. 

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