Rose Day 2024 : Red Rose for Lovers.. Yellow for Friendship.. Other Colors Meaning

Rose Day 2024 : Red Rose for Lovers.. Yellow for Friendship.. Other Colors Meaning

Rose Day Significance : Valentine's week has arrived. Rose Day (February 7, 2024) is the first day of Valentine's Week. Many express their love by giving roses to their girlfriend or boyfriend during this time. But how did this Rose Day come about? What is the history behind celebrating it? What kind of roses to give to loved ones at this time? Now let's find out about what color roses are special. 

Rose Day is the first day of Valentine's week. Lovers consider it as their first step towards love. That is why they give roses to their loved ones. Roses can be given to a love interest or friends. Giving this means that you like them and want to start a new journey with them. It is a love language. But this is not new. Red roses have always been given to loved ones. 

Rose Day History

In ancient Roman culture, roses, their fragrances and all their beauty were associated with the goddess Venus. . Even in the cultures of Arabian countries, roses are believed to be a symbol of love and desire. That is why Rose Day is celebrated in the name of love. That is why roses are given. But different colors of roses represent different intentions. Red roses are given to lovers. And what are the intentions of different colors.. 

Red Rose

Red roses are a symbol of love and romance. They are one of the most popular on Rose Day. These are said to be signs of deep emotions. These are the aliases of purity in love and romance. So give red rose to the people you love on Rose Day. 

Pink Rose

Pink roses are given as a sign of serenity, appreciation and gratitude. These represent happiness. If you want to say thanks to partners, siblings, friends, you can give a pink rose on Rose Day. It is associated with purity. 

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses represent friendship, happiness, positivity. These are the best option to express your happiness and friendship. They can also be offered as a sign of good health. Giving yellow roses is a symbol of your friendship… it shows the value you give them.

White Rose

White roses can be given as a symbol of purity, innocence, new beginnings. They become a beautiful way to express appreciation, respect, and make new acquaintances. White color represents hope, love and respect. It can be said to be a meaningful choice for your Valentine's Day. 

Peach Rose 

Peach roses represent sincerity, affection and true love. These are the best option for couples who want to celebrate their love in a more intimate and personal way. These are a good choice if you want to propose to your Valentine with a rose on Rose Day. s should also be remembered. These are signs of gentleness, kindness and compassion. Gifting these to someone you admire is a thoughtful choice. These are very rare. are beautiful That's why they are given as a symbol to say love at first sight. 

Why is it late? It is known which roses have which importance. Celebrate your birthday by giving flowers to your loved ones as if you are important to them. 

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