Replacing Toothbrushes : Can't change the toothbrush? But health problems are bought

Replacing Toothbrushes : Can't change the toothbrush?  But health problems are bought

Maintaining Toothbrushes : Some people change the toothbrush regularly. Others neglect to change what is broken.. it works fine. Did you know that doing this can damage your dental health as well as your health? Experts say that brushes should be changed every three months. Why change the original toothbrush every three months? What happens if we don't change? Now let's learn how to tell when it's time to change. 

Oral Problems

Did you know dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 12 to 16 weeks? referred to. Because these instructions are issued that it can harm your dental health. Otherwise they say that many dental problems are not correct. A normal toothbrush comes at a low cost. Electronic toothbrush is very expensive. And they say that it should be changed too.. It should be changed for sure. If not changed, the dental health will be affected and the infection will spread. Thus, bacteria that cause gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath quickly flourish. 

What is the need to change the brush?

The rule is to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day. There is It protects the teeth from cavities. It is better to brush teeth after every meal and snack. Regular brushing like this can cause the bristles to get damaged. They will bend in about 3 months. Straight, soft bristles should be used to clean the spaces between the teeth in the mouth. In this way, the food and bacteria between the teeth are effectively removed. Bent bristles may not clean teeth properly. That's why the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control advises to change the toothbrush every 3 months. A toothbrush should also be replaced every 12 weeks. Just change its head. No need to replace the entire brush. These toothbrush heads have nylon bristles. are more short. As a result, they may spoil more quickly. If possible, you want to plan to change it before 12 weeks. 

Other Reasons to Change Toothbrush

If someone in your family is struggling with illness.. everyone's toothbrush. s is good to change whether or not it is time. Because many people place their brushes in the same place. This allows bacteria to transfer from one brush to another. If possible, keep their brush separate even if no one in the house is sick. If you have children in your household, their brushes should be changed often. Because they bite the brush. This causes them to spoil quickly. If someone accidentally uses your toothbrush, put it away immediately. Don't use anyone's toothbrush. If you do this, bacteria will grow and you will become prone to infections.

How to keep the brush clean..

Even with family. Better to be careful. No, if stored in the same cup or container.. Place the bristles of one brush without touching the other. Rinse it with water after brushing. No need to use mouthwash and hot water on the pretext of cleaning it. Doing this will increase the risk of bacteria. It is better not to keep it closed. Keep the brush in a well ventilated area.

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