Relationship Goals: Not everyone’s relationship is like Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, both give Major Couple Goals

Relationship Goals : There was a time when Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande used to be in love. Both used to be the favorite couples of the public but the wheel of time turned and Both moved on in their respective lives. Today Sushant has become a shining star, while Ankita is also going to get married soon and set up her new world. Ankita openly expressed her love for Vicky Jain. Ankita once posted on Vicky’s birthday and wrote that she will support him at every turn of life and will always stand by him like a rock. This relationship of Ankita is special in many ways. Love is equal on both sides. The two are often seen drenched in each other’s love, which gives everyone couple goals.

Appreciation of partner increases closeness-
Love is easy but difficult to keep. It is very difficult in a relationship to praise your partner openly in front of everyone, taking it out of the mind that your partner is being liked more than you. If you praise your partner’s efforts in front of everyone, then it not only increases the respect of your partner but also increases the closeness of both of you. 

Standing together like a rock at every turn-
When Sushant had left everyone, Ankita started demanding justice for him. That Sushant could get justice, in which his partner Vicky Jain was seen standing like a rock with him. The way he supported Ankita, it shows that when love is true, no matter what the occasion, you can never leave your partner’s side.

It is very important to accept the past-
Vicky knew that Ankita was in a very serious relationship with Sushant before him, yet he did not let this matter become a distance between them. Even when Ankita was sad on Sushant’s death, she also became his support. He not only accepted Ankita’s past but also appreciated her feelings which shows the beauty of their relationship. 

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