Quitting Smoking: People who quit smoking live longer than non-smokers.. this is what a new study says.

Quitting Smoking: People who quit smoking live longer than non-smokers.. this is what a new study says.

New Study on Smoking and Tobacco Use : No matter how many times we are told that smoking is harmful to health, it is ignored. No matter how many health problems it causes.. they do not count at all. But experts say that by stopping smoking, many ills can be checked. A recent study concluded that quitting smoking can lead to significant changes in life expectancy after just three years. And what is that study? Now let's find out what the findings are.

If you quit smoking..

University of Toronto researchers at Unity Health Toronto have done a new study on smoking. A study published in NEJM Evidence shows that people who quit smoking before age 40 have the same life expectancy as those who never smoked. They found that those who quit smoking at any age lived close to the age of those who had never smoked ten years later. But this study proved that you can detect the changes in it within three years. 

Amazing results

They said that quitting smoking will get effective results in reducing the risk of death. All these fruits can be obtained very quickly, he said. If you smoke, there is a high risk of death due to health problems. Due to this, lung problem occurs and many people die due to cancer. Life expectancy decreases. A recent study has said that if a person with the same smoking habit quits, they can get many amazing results. 

They have a higher death rate

People from four countries participated in this study. This study was done for 15 years on the people of US, UK, Canada and Norway. Smokers between the ages of 40 and 79 have nearly three times the risk of dying compared to never smokers. That means on an average they lost 12 to 13 years of life. Compared to never smokers.. those who quit smoking have been found to have a reduced risk of death. 

I have been smoking for many years.. Do you think it is too late to quit? But you should definitely not hold back in this regard. Any time you want to quit is fine. It will definitely increase your life expectancy. So they say never stop when it's too late. Even if you always quit, the effect is faster, according to a new study. If you are smoking for better quality of life.. you can get amazing benefits if you stop smoking. 

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