Puneeth Rajkumar Death: Puneeth has a heart attack. What actually happened?

Kannada film star Puneet Rajkumar has been diagnosed with a heart attack. Puneet suddenly fell ill while exercising in the gym at his residence. Puneet is only 46 years old. He has never had a heart attack in the past. Earlier, another Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja also died of a heart attack. What caused him to have a heart attack in 35 years? Many were shocked. Why does a heart attack occur at such a young age? Is there a risk of heart failure if you do too much exercise? Puneet & zwnj; What happened in the case? Why did he collapse while exercising in the gym?

According to medical experts, what happened to Puneet was not a heart attack, but a cardiac arrest. Even if you have not had any heart problems in the past .. there is a risk of death due to cardiac arrest. Experts believe that Puneet’s excessive exercise can lead to dehydration and heart failure. Heart pain can occur in two ways. You do not have to have heart disease to get it. Sometimes the things we do can also cause heart pain. When blood flow to the heart stops for any reason, the heart stops working. This can be identified by some features. This problem occurs when blood clots form in the arteries of the heart or when fat is mentioned. This causes no blood supply to the heart. The person is at risk of dying as a result. If the chest pain persists for a long time .. If the body parts feel uncomfortable, consult a doctor immediately. Especially if the parts of the heart or the left arm is pulling .. Difficulty breathing, cold sweats should be alerted. Some people also have symptoms such as headache and nausea. & nbsp;

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Why Cardiac Arrest? . However, cardiac arrest cannot be detected in advance. Electrical turbulence in the heart causes the heart to beat faster. This interferes with blood circulation. As a result, blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body stops. This causes the victim to collapse in moments. Giving CPR immediately at that point can bring life back. However, in the event above it was not possible. He would have survived if he had had CPR immediately. & Nbsp;

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