Potato Peel Benefits : How many benefits of potato peels.. Do you know this hack?

Potato Peel Benefits : How many benefits of potato peels.. Do you know this hack?

Kitchen Hacks with Potato Peel : When cooking potato curry, many people remove the skins and make curry. Otherwise, they are boiled, skinned and fried. But it is also very good to wash beetroot well and put it in curry along with the skin. No. Do you want us to peel off the beets and use them? But that's good too. Because you can get many benefits with potato skins.

Potato skins are rich in nutrients, minerals and fiber. These are the main reasons for their nutritional value. That is why beetroot skins are used in skin and cosmetic products. You can use them in different ways and for different purposes. Now let's find out the benefits and hacks that can be done with these skins. 

Treatment for burns

Potato skins contain antibacterial agents. It treats minor burns. Beetroot works as a natural remedy for sunburn. Acts as an anti-bacterial agent that simultaneously moisturizes sunburned skin. Provides instant relief from burns. 

Skin Care

Is acne bothering you? But you apply beetroot peels to the skin. It also gives good results in reducing dark circles. You can provide many benefits to your face with beetroot peels and juice. If you want natural remedies without chemicals you can apply them on the skin. It gives you healthy, glowing skin. That is why they have always been used in cosmetics. Moreover, applying it directly to the face also gives better results. 

For cookware..

Cast iron in potato skins improves non-stick properties. Also if cooked in iron pans they form a protective shield against rusting. The starch present in beetroot peels acts as a natural grease. Forms a protective coating on the cookware surface. Besides, it is also very easy to clean the bowls in which the beets are cooked. But you can use potato skins as compost. Loaded with important nutrients like phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen, these peels improve soil quality. Thus the growth of the plant is good. Making it part of your composting routine will also reduce waste. Plants get good nutrients. It is said that if this compost is used for rose trees, the flowers will bloom better. Moreover, if you grow any vegetables at home, you will get good benefits if you use compost made from potato tubers. 

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