Parenting Tips: Do creative activities like this to keep the child's brain active

Parenting Tips: Do creative activities like this to keep the child's brain active

Parenting tips for active children on leave : Most parents and children stay at home on Sunday. At that time many people look to take rest. If Monday comes again they will be busy with their work. By doing this, the milk between the children and the parents will decrease. Children are also dull. So make sure to use Sunday productively to keep the children active in the little time you have.. to increase milk with them. Now let's find out how you can spend time with them on Sundays or holidays. 

Sunday theme..

Children are very lazy on Sundays because there is no school. If you put Sunday theme at such a time.. it will fill them with new enthusiasm without bothering them. They prepare themselves for the theme. It makes the child's brain active and creative. 


If you have a park nearby, you can take them there. They get fresh air there. It is good for mental and physical health. There are some games for them to play. Otherwise they can be given a running race. You can also play with them. It will also increase your breast milk a lot. 

Kitchen guest..

Ask the kids what they want to eat on Sunday. Try to cook them at home. Involve children in that work too. Tell them to do small things. It also keeps their brain active. Moreover, children love kitchens. You can even chat with them while preparing food.


Kids are very creative. They have different talents. You don't recognize them by studying. Since they don't get out.. you can sing songs, dance, play games, make paintings, drawings with them. Apart from increasing their creativity.. you can encourage the arts in them. 

Quiz Competitions

You can ask some quiz questions to the children at home. Prizes can be given if you answer them. They can give interesting answers about things they don't give answers to. By saying this, they may also ask some questions. It keeps their brain active. 

Spending quality time with children is very important. The more fun and exciting it is, the better the children's mental health. Keeping them active will help them maintain a healthy relationship with you. Trying to bring out the creativity in them will make them even better. Moreover, if you scare them, force them to study and control them, there is no point in bringing them up. 

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