Not brushing daily? See hell in the future, there is more danger

Not brushing daily?  See hell in the future, there is more danger

It is known that if you don't brush your mouth every day, your mouth will smell bad. Moreover.. another threat is also lurking. Bacteria in your mouth can accidentally enter the respiratory tract and cause a dangerous infection. They will experience hell with that problem. These things have come out in a recent study of patients in the hospital.

Doctors say that those who are admitted to the hospital for various reasons of illness and surgery are at risk of getting hospital acquired pneumonia. Pneumonia can occur when bacteria in the mouth accidentally enter the lungs through the airways. Hospital-acquired pneumonia can also be considered dangerous in people with weakened immune systems.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia is a lung infection contracted during hospitalization. This type of pneumonia can infect patients who are in a situation where they need to stay in the hospital for a long time on ventilator treatment due to very serious illness. Its intensity is very high. Sometimes, it can even be fatal.

The reasons are:

Pneumonia is a common infection. Hospital acquired pneumonia is the most serious of lung infections.

  • People admitted to the hospital are usually very sick. A weakened immune system is unable to fight infections.
  • Microbes in the hospital are usually more dangerous than those outside the hospital environment. are more resistant. Hospital acquired infections are therefore very dangerous.

Prevention is better

Prevention is better than treatment for such infections. Therefore, in the case of patients who are being treated in the hospital for a long time on a ventilator or in the ICU, some precautions must be taken. /li>

  • Frequent hand washing by those who are with the patient
  • Using sanitizers and masks as much as possible
  • These are also common precautions. Experts suggest that one more precaution must be added to these. That is, a small precaution like brushing properly every day during the days in the hospital can prevent fatal pneumonia.

    To confirm this, researchers analyzed the results of 15 clinical trials in 2,786 patients worldwide. Daily brushing of hospitalized patients was associated with hospital-acquired pneumonia or deaths in the ICU. This risk is especially high in patients treated on a mechanical ventilator. Therefore, experts suggest that they need to be brushed daily.

    Rarely has such an inexpensive, effective treatment been established in hospital preventive medicine. The experts involved in this study expressed their opinion that the result of this study suggests that such a big change is possible by simply brushing the teeth instead of using a new device or a new drug.

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