NASA: Mama what is your 'time'? NASA, White House key directives setting time zone for moon

NASA: Mama what is your 'time'?  NASA, White House key directives setting time zone for moon

NASA To Create Lunar Time Standard: Time varies from country to country. There is a difference of about 12 hours between America and India. Moreover, there is a difference in the mean time from country to country. In this context, America has taken a key decision. The mandate directed NASA to fix the Lunar Standard Time so that the time can be known on other planets besides the Moon. It is remarkable that this decision has been taken in the context of the competition of the respective countries and private companies for the experiments on the moon.

The standard time on the moon will be ready by 2026!

 White wants to make the standard time on the moon by December 31, 2026. House decided. It is named Coordinated Lunar Time LTC. Together with NASA, four other organizations have been entrusted with this responsibility. This is because clocks made on Earth show that a day on the Moon is lost by 58.7 microseconds. So when we want to do any experiments tomorrow, every second is important, so if there is no problem in navigation, it is better to set a standard time on the moon and conduct experiments according to it. It will be very useful for Artemis experiments. That is why the Lunar Time Zone proposals have now come.

"Along with NASA, private companies and space agencies have started research on the Moon, Mars and other planets. In this context, it is very important to establish astronomical time standards for the safety and accuracy of the respective missions. Hence, the US government has taken this decision’’ White House Deputy Director of Science and Technology Policy Steve Welby revealed. “Time is different at different locations in space. Hence, accuracy in timing between operators in space is essential. Establishing a standard time on the Moon will be crucial for navigation and communication" said Welby.

With Lunar Standard Time‌  What's the benefit?

The White House has ordered NASA to work with the Departments of Commerce, Defense, and Transportation to establish a standard time on the Moon. Creating this time will allow for improved navigation and other activities for missions in cislunar space, the region between Earth and the Moon. Lunar Time Standard‌ To set up  The Science and Technology Policy suggests that key elements of standards on the ground can be adopted. The White House knew that just as terrestrial time was set by atomic clocks on Earth, lunar time would have to be set on the Moon. It is said that it will be useful for missions on the moon, spaceships and satellites to work with precision.

11 time zones in Russia alone

We have previously set a time zone for various places on this earth. In the process of the earth's rotation around the sun, we have made a time zone by estimating which part of the sun shines at what time. In India, there are four or five types of time zones, namely Indian Standard Time, Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, and Pacific Standard Time in America. As Russia is a big country, the country has 11 time zones. People are following 24 time zones all over the world. There are not so many time zones. If someone from above asks you what time it is on your earth, there must be a time to tell. That's why there is another time zone called Coordinated Universal Time UTC. They follow this, but this is the mean time for all time zones. 

And the American research organization NASA hopes to go again in 2026 to the area where the Apollo 17 mission first set foot on the moon in 1972. It is in this background that it was decided to fix the Lunar Standard Time.

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