Naps after lunch? Avoid this

Naps after lunch?  Avoid this

After lunch, whether in the office.. in college.. or at home.. I feel a bit drowsy. Everyone regardless of age has this feeling. Feels a bit lazy even if you don’t sleep. It is said that eating gives energy, but suddenly after eating in the afternoon, energy decreases. This is the experience of many people. 

Heaviness after lunch..eyelids feel heavy. It becomes difficult to work. Some sleep at that time. Others take a break from work when they are unable to sleep. Otherwise they will try anything to lose sleep. If you are also struggling with this midday nap.. here are some tips to overcome it. 

Do you know why you feel sleepy after lunch?

Some health problems can also cause midday naps. Problems like thyroid, sleep apnea, anemia, physical and mental stress, diabetes etc. cause health problems. Blood sugar spikes and lack of sleep can also be a factor. Changes in your sleep cycle also make you sleepy. It affects your sleep during the day. 

Why does fatigue come..

It is a bit tired and lazy after eating. It depends on the food you eat. Foods high in protein can make you tired. High carb, high fat foods cause lethargy. The time you eat can also affect your energy levels. 

How much you eat also affects sleep. If you eat too much.. you will definitely be lazy. Even if you eat a lot of meat, you will get more sleep. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins cause fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. So you can have a balanced meal that contains all the essential nutrients. It regulates adenosine levels. So that you get less daytime sleepiness. 

Sleep to reduce sleepiness..

Indeed if you want to reduce sleepiness after meal then sleep. Experts say that getting some sleep has many benefits. That’s why the best thing you can do to get rid of sleepiness after lunch is to take a nap. 
So.. if possible take a nap 15 to 20 minutes after your meal. It puts your body into a relaxation mode. So you will be more active after your sleep. Work faster than before. 

Night sleep is important..

One of the most common causes of daytime fatigue is not getting enough sleep at night. So sleep for six to eight hours a day. This will reduce your afternoon sleepiness to a great extent. Definitely consult a doctor if you are suffering from problems like insomnia and sleep apnea. Whatever it is now, they will bring more health problems in the future.

Get out in the sun..

Your circadian rhythm is greatly affected by sunlight. So after eating come back in some sun. It will deprive you of sleep. Going out like this activates your senses. Thus, sleep is distanced. 
By doing this, the internal clock is gradually brought into sleep mode and wakes up. Moreover, sleepiness is relieved by this exposure. 

Light Exercises..

Do light exercise to activate yourself. After finishing lunch, take some time to do light exercises like walking or basic stretching. It keeps you active. Some yogasanas can also be done after eating. Exercise can cause sleepiness. That is why it is said not to exercise before sleeping at night. 

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