Male Menopause: Men also have menopause.. these changes are their symptoms

Male Menopause: Men also have menopause.. these changes are their symptoms

Male Menopause Treatment : As we grow older.. just like women.. there are many changes in men too. There are significant hormonal changes, especially in testosterone levels. It affects mental and physical health. That's Monopause. Yes, not only in women, men also have this menopause. It causes sexual changes in men.

Testosterone, which is the key to the development of sexual characteristics in men, naturally increases with age. decreases. Testosterone production increases during puberty. Increases up to 30 years.. From there it starts decreasing at the rate of one per cent. Studies show that testosterone drops by 50 percent in some men by the age of 70. It is said to be a part of menopause. 

Effect on Sexuality

Testosterone produces different results in men and women. It significantly affects sexual function and physical characteristics along with age. Women with naturally low testosterone have less hormonal influence during menstruation and menopause. But they should pay special attention to bone health and muscle maintenance. But now let's find out what kind of changes there are in men. 

Menopause is not new to the screen. It has always been there but.. people don't know much about it so it seems a bit new. Libido decreases, fatigue, changes in mental states, erectile dysfunction and many physical changes are mainly seen during this menopause. These can significantly affect the quality of life. 

If you are over 40 years of age.. and experiencing symptoms of decreased energy and decreased sexual desire, you definitely need to consult a doctor. Testosterone levels in your body cause these changes. This problem is being taken very casually and neglected. But many studies say that this will lead to many difficulties. Understanding their condition.. with doctor's advice and treatment, they can get physical and mental benefits. 


Getting treatment for this testosterone problem in men. It can have many physical benefits. Taking testosterone replacement therapy can improve symptoms such as libido, fatigue, and muscle mass. Acne, sleep apnoea, blood clots and heart disease can be avoided. Some gels and creams keep hormones under control. Injections are given every few weeks. These are effective but.. cause fluctuations in hormone levels. 

Changes in lifestyle

Apart from treatments, some changes in lifestyle should be done to keep testosterone levels balanced. . Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and good sleep are beneficial for your body. Moreover, healthy habits keep testosterone levels under control. Your fitness goals are also good for your physical and mental health. It controls the hormone levels in your body and prevents sexual problems. 

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