Kidney Transplantation: Medical Miracle – Pig Kidney for Monkey, Monkey Lives Comfortably for Two Years

Kidney Transplantation: Medical Miracle – Pig Kidney for Monkey, Monkey Lives Comfortably for Two Years

Aresearchers always take the lead in facilitating possibilities. There is already extensive research into how animal kidneys work in the human body. He said that a pig kidney has already been implanted in a brain dead person and it has been working successfully for more than two months. Recently, another interesting thing has come out.

Doctors have revealed that a monkey implanted with a pig kidney has lived for two years. This is the longest survival after an organ transplant. Research is being done to save human lives using animal organs. These research experiments are aimed at fulfilling the objective of reducing the shortage of human organs. This procedure is called xenotransplantation.

The researchers said that this provided proof of how genetically engineered animal organs work in non-human primates and how safe they are. A related study was published in the journal Nature. The study will provide additional data to the US Food and Drug Administration regulator. It is important to know how successful non-human organ transplants are, and how well pigs can be produced.

Pig-to-human transplants

Over the past few years, researchers have studied pig hearts and kidneys. Accommodates two people. One of them died of infection a few days after the heart transplant. But the doctors revealed that it happened due to the earlier infection of the heart. A kidney transplant recipient is prematurely brain dead. His body was used for this research after asking his family members to donate his body for medical research. Kidney transplant was done successfully. Doctors recently announced that the kidneys are functioning well two months after being transplanted.

Xenotransplantation research has focused primarily on pigs. Because their organs are comparable in size and body structure to humans. Human immune systems respond to each of the three molecules on the surfaces of pig cells.  

Is it useful for humans?

Ghat, who lived more than two years after an organ transplant, is unusual. There is hope that organs from transgenic pigs may work better in humans. Humans weigh much more than monkeys. Have high blood pressure. That is why extensive research is needed to see if pig organs can be tolerated in the human body.

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