International Condom Day 2024 : Condoms also have a day.. Do you know why it is celebrated on the day before Valentine's Day?

International Condom Day 2024 : Condoms also have a day.. Do you know why it is celebrated on the day before Valentine's Day?

Condom Day Significance : In our country, people are under the illusion that they are talking about sex and condoms. But.. our country is at the top in terms of population. If you are under the illusion that a condom is something wrong, then you are definitely wrong. Because experts say it is a means of preventing the risk of family planning and sexually transmitted infections. That's why International Condoms Day is held on 13th February every year to make everyone aware of its importance. 

Health experts say that the use of condoms can reduce the risk of infection during sex. According to the information released by the National AIDS Control Organization, more than 17 lakh people have been infected with HIV in the country in the last ten years through unprotected sex. There is no cure for HIV. Condoms help prevent such deadly diseases. 

To control those problems

The virus spreads by coming in contact with blood, semen and vaginal secretions containing the virus. If precautions are not taken where this spread occurs..HIV and AIDS can develop. That is why it is suggested to use available resources for sexual health. Knowing about STDs.. protecting yourself can reduce their spread. It helps in improving overall sexual health. That's why International Condom Day is being celebrated to highlight the importance of condoms. 

Valentine's Day ahead because…

Valentine's Day is a day to emphasize responsible, safe sexual behavior. International Condom Day is celebrated annually on 13th February every year. Efforts are being made to promote safer sex practices, to raise awareness about the importance of condom use in preventing HIV or STIs. International Condom Day is organized to promote sexual health education, promote access to condoms, and reduce the stigma surrounding condom use. The main objective of International Condom Day is to contribute to the global efforts to prevent the spread of STIs and STDs through awareness campaigns, educational programs, condom distribution programs, to encourage dialogue about sexual health, their choices, safe sexual practices. 

Condoms have had a significant impact on the AIDS epidemic worldwide. Condom use has increased since 1990. Statistics show that it has prevented 117 million new HIV infections. In 2020, an estimated 374 million new STI infections occurred worldwide among people aged 15 to 49 years. That's why they are trying to increase awareness on the use of condoms. 

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