Hug Day 2024 : Are you in a long distance relationship? But celebrate Hug Day like this

Hug Day 2024 : Are you in a long distance relationship?  But celebrate Hug Day like this

Valentine Week 2024 : A hug makes you believe that I am. Soothes if in distress. Doubles it if happy. Takes the celebration to a peak stage. Such a hug (Hug Day 2024) is not only for a loved one. The vibe of a single hug when we can't express our feelings tells the other person his true feeling. That's why Hug is so powerful. For that reason, in the Ramayana, Rama gives Anjaneya a hug without thanking him for finding Sita's trail. Anjaneya is the only person that Rama hugs in the entire Ramayana. That's why hug is given so much value. 

Showing the importance of such a hug… a special day has been created for it in Valentine's week. They celebrate this special day by giving a hug to their loved one. But for those who are in a long distance relationship, celebrating it is a bit difficult. But here are some tips for you to celebrate it too. If you follow these.. celebrate with your long distance girlfriend or lover. 

Pillow gift..

When you are not there, you cannot give a hug You can give a pillow as a gift to replace your place. She or he will celebrate by hugging you when they want to hug you. Moreover, you can get your photo printed on the pillow. You can buy these online and offline as well.


Yes sometimes a favorite food gives a warm hug feeling. They can book their favorite food from the place of their choice in the area where they are staying. You can send them their favorite, storable food in your area as a hugs day surprise. You can also send them the food you both ate together for the first time. You should realize that food is also a love language.

Body wrap

You can give a body wrap blanket as a gift instead of a pillow. This trend has been in vogue since time immemorial. You can customize it. You can design a body wrap in different sizes, colors and designs and send it to them as a gift. You can write a letter with your autograph to a lover or someone you love and admire. It fills the gap where you are not and makes you feel like you are. Moreover, they will get emotional every time they read it. 


You two photos can be made into a good scrapbook. You can make a scrapbook with the plan of the places you two have visited together. This will be the biggest hug you can give them. When they miss you they hug the scrapbook and think of you. 

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