Holi 2023: This year, play Holi of organic colors carefree, make very beautiful colorful gulal at home by mixing these fruits and vegetables

Herbal Gulal For Holi 2023: Holi, the festival of colours, is just around the corner. Along with Gujiya sweets, many preparations are made for this colorful festival.  But to decorate your faces with colors, Gulal is most important in the festival of Holi. Although you can easily find a lot of colorful gulal in the markets, but it is not safe for anyone from your center to your hair. Actually, a lot of chemicals are added to the colours, which can cause many problems ranging from skin infection to skin.  In such a situation, many people have to kill their heart to play Holi even without wanting to. But this time it will not happen, we will play Holi carefree and will also apply colors fiercely. For this, you just have to make herbal gulal from the things available in your kitchen, which is very easy to make and will take care of your skin just like you.


You can use red sandalwood powder available at home to make red colored gulal. This is very good for your skin. It is generally used in making face packs. Or you can also use hibiscus flowers to make red organic gulal. Dry them and make powder. You can also add flour to increase its quantity. 


To make yellow organic gulal, add turmeric powder to gram, rice or wheat flour.  Mix in the ratio of 1:2. This mixture is good for the skin. Turmeric is often used for face packs or face masks as it is very beneficial for the skin. Or you  Yellow colored flowers can also be taken to make yellow herbal color, such as marigold, amaltus and yellow chrysanthemum. Dry them and then grind them to make a fine powder. To increase its quantity, any flour can be added. 


 To make saffron or orange colored organic gulal in Holi, take the leaves of yellow orange maple tree and dry them. Now grind them and make a very fine powder. You can also use orange vermilion for this.


 When green color gulal with pink is applied on the face, then the beauty becomes beautiful. So to make long lasting green color gulal, you can use henna powder. Also add flour to increase the quantity of color and give it a bright shade. Apart from this, the leaves of Gulmohar tree or wheat plant can be used.  Do it. Dry them and grind them finely and celebrate green Holi with pomp.


 With the help of beetroot, you can make a very beautiful magenta i.e. dark pink colored gulal which will be completely herbal. To make Magenta Gulal, boil some pieces of beetroot in a cup of water, or you can also keep the pieces of beetroot in water and leave it for a few hours to create pink color. To make dry powder, make a paste by grinding beetroot and let it dry in the sun. Mix with gram flour or wheat flour and use. Also hibiscus flower is another good option. 


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