Healthy Dinner Recipe : Healthy, tasty dinner recipe.. removes those problems

Healthy Dinner Recipe : Healthy, tasty dinner recipe.. removes those problems

Healthy Dish : Having a light dinner at night is very good for health. If you take heavy food.. it will damage your health. It also disturbs sleep. It also takes longer to digest. That is why dinner should be taken very carefully at night. Otherwise you will have to take health problems. So here is a great recipe for dinner. It not only provides good health benefits but also provides good taste. And now let's know what are the ingredients required to make this healthy recipe. 


Pesara dal – half a cup

Rice – Half cup

Yellow – pinch

Salt – enough

Garlic powder – half teaspoon

Pepper powder – pinch

Cardamom powder – half teaspoon


First take the shelled pesara. Or you can make pesas like pulses. Take arachapapu pesarapapu and wash it well. Mix the rice well. Now take a cooker and add fenugreek and rice to it and mix well. Put 8 cups of water in it. Add turmeric, salt, coriander powder, pepper powder, cardamom powder and mix well. Now light the stove and place the cooker on it. Cook till four whistles are heard. 

Stop the stove.. Let the pressure in the cooker go away. Add more water so it will have a bit of porridge. If there is more water, it can be boiled but it is better if it has a bit of porridge. If desired you can also add vegetables of your choice while lighting the cooker. Now add ghee to the cooked chickpeas and rice. Then enjoy it hot. Taking this food as dinner at night has many health benefits. It gives you better digestion. 

This dish can also be happily pulled by diabetics. Moreover, it is also a good help for those suffering from digestive problems. It not only digests quickly, but also removes problems like constipation. It makes a healthy meal for you when consumed hot. It also helps in weight loss. The fiber in the pesarapapu husk will keep you away from digestive problems and flush out the toxins from the body. Ginger powder also gives you good taste and is good for health. If ginger powder is not available you can use ginger cut into small pieces. 

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