Healthy Breakfast: Kickstar Breakfast Recipe.. A tasty option for a healthy routine

Healthy Breakfast: Kickstar Breakfast Recipe.. A tasty option for a healthy routine

Tasty Breakfast Recipe : Looking forward to a tasty and healthy breakfast to keep you energized throughout the day? But you should know about a recipe that you can make with potatoes. Because it promotes health as well as taste. It will give you a kick start to keep you energetic throughout the day. A full stomach.. will not let you divert your attention to snacks. How to make such a cute and tasty simple recipe.. Now let's know what are the required ingredients.

Ingredients required

Potatoes – 3 

< p>Stuffing – half cup

Ginger – inch

Green chillies – 3

Coriander – 1 bunch

Pallis – 100 grams


Salt – enough

Corn flour – 2 tbsp

Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Oil – enough for cooking


First soak the stuffing for half an hour. Now light the stove and cook medium size potatoes on it. Adding salt will cook the potatoes faster. Wash green chillies, ginger and coriander well and grate them finely. Roast the chickpeas on the stove and remove the skin.. Put it in a mixer. It should be mixed to a coarse powder rather than a soft powder and kept aside. 

Now turn off the stove and separate the potatoes from the water. Take them in a mixing bowl and grind them. Now put the soaked stuffing in it. Add Palli powder, ginger, green chillies, coriander, salt, corn flour and mix well. These do not need to be watered. Add some lemon juice to it and mix the flour well and keep it aside for ten minutes. 

Apply oil to your hands..Take the dough into a small lump and roll it like a chapati on the butter paper with your hands. Now light the stove and place a fry pan on it. Put some oil in it.. Put the prepared chilla on it and roast it. Turn to the other side and add a little more oil and roast until golden. If you feel that both sides are roasted well.. make another one with flour. 

Thus prepare potato chilla with whole flour.. you can pull it hot. You can eat them directly or mix them with green chutney. They can be made not only for morning breakfast but also as an evening snack. They taste different when taken together with chai. It makes you energetic throughout the day. Moreover, the taste will also impress you. Keeps the stomach full without the urge to snack. Even children love to eat them. Diabetics can also take it. Ginger in it removes digestive problems and promotes a healthy gut. 

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