Health Benefits Of Wedding: Marriage is very good for health, do you know how?

Health Benefits Of Wedding: Marriage is very good for health, do you know how?

Peven if you are trying bro.. that is the advice that everyone is saying now. Why are you buying it in such a difficult way? They create a kind of fear. Now the jokes coming in reels and shorts also revolve around marriage. Don't be upset if you see husband and wife's quarrels.. Hence, many are postponing their marriage. However, research says that marriage is good. Get married and live a comfortable and healthy life. However, what is health with marriage? But you must know these things.

"Marriage is a harvest of hundreds of years" My name is considered by many to be a flame of a hundred years. But a new study "Marriage is good for health" says that As strange as it may sound, this research found that married people are healthier than single people. The study says that married people have a higher quality of life and less heart disease. Married people are less likely to have mental problems! They are less likely to get cancer and more likely to get rid of it. This study says that they are more likely to survive even major operations.

So marriage is not the solution to all these health problems. If there is no healthy relationship between husband and wife, they are more prone to illness than those who have good friends, family and well-wishers and are single. This research found that these benefits were greater for married men than for married women.

In this study of 25,000 people in England, if married people had a heart attack, they recovered and were discharged from the hospital two days earlier than the rest. The research concluded. If not, this is yet to be fully researched. After the results of this research, some researchers started another study on the relationship between health and marriage. Here are the things they learned:

⦿ People in healthy marriages have higher immunity than those who are not married. There is a possibility that their stress is less and their immune system is not weakened. Eating on time. Also, going for regular doctor check-ups is also a reason. 

⦿ Some married people are healthy even before marriage. Did not agree. However, these questions are still being studied. Arguments have also been heard about the usefulness of this study. For example, are unmarried people given special treatment for heart attacks because they are more serious?

"Marriage is a flame of hundreds of years" Although we thought it was a joke, wouldn't it be good if the results of this research made me a ‘crop’ again!

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