Fruit Bats Diabetes: Diabetes Cure with Bats – Promising New Research

Fruit Bats Diabetes: Diabetes Cure with Bats – Promising New Research

Diabetes Cure: When we hear the name of bats.. we think Corona. But, fear not. It has the potential to save us from chronic diseases in the future. Especially there are chances to save the whole world from diabetes. Because.. in a recent research, some key things have come to light. Look at that.

Many people around the world are living hell with diabetes. Once this disease starts, there is no one to stop it. If everything from food to sleep is right… there is a chance to live for a few more years. Otherwise.. the organs are getting damaged one by one.. no one knows when they will die. Hence, research is being done all over the world with the aim of curbing this somehow. In this background, it is known that diabetes can be controlled with the DNA of fruit bat (another type of bat). Diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer are especially common. Hence, the less you eat, the better. Do not change your stomach. Eating enough nutritious food is enough. However, these rules are only for us. Not applicable to bats.

Because.. Fruit bats eat fruits containing sugar almost two or three times more than their body weight and live a healthy life without getting any disease. They eat sweet fruits for four hours everyday and sleep for another 20 hours. If a man does the same work, not only diabetes, but many other diseases will come. That's why.. a group of experts from the University of California focused on fruit bats.

There is no cure for diabetes, but..

As part of the research They tried to find out how these bats stay healthy no matter how much sugar they eat. If that system is developed in humans too, they thought that diabetes would not exist. In case of diabetes, the human body does not produce insulin or the insulin is not active. Hence blood sugar cannot be controlled. But fruit bats can control their blood sugar. To this extent, researchers believe that they have a precise genetic makeup. It is said that it is important to explore this more deeply for better insulin production. To this extent, the functioning of the pancreas and kidneys were examined. Actually there is no cure for diabetes. But, the DNA in bats… is making new hopes sprout.

Fruit bats DNA (DNA) is critical

This study found that the pancreas of bats has genetic changes that can process unlimited sugars. Moreover, their kidneys also have the ability to retain electrolytes. Experts believe that even a single letter change in DNA can give bats such an ability.

The big brown bat eats only insects. Research is being done comparing it with fruit bat. Fruit bats have been able to develop DNA that allows them to digest fruit. A clear difference was observed between the two bat species in the DNA surrounding the insulin and glucagon genes.

In fact the DNA surrounding the genes is considered junk. But their data showed that this regulatory DNA responds to sudden increases or decreases in blood sugar. It is believed that it is mainly helpful for the metabolism of fruit bats.

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