If this fruit is fed to the child in the cold, then the nose will continue to flow due to cold and flu; Even medicine will not work

The winter season has arrived and we all have started paying special attention to the food habits of our children. Winter is such a season where the immunity of children decreases and diseases like cold and cough soon surround the children. In such a situation, different types of misconceptions also spread that what should we feed children in the cold season and what not. In such a situation, the first name comes of banana, yes it is said that children should not be given banana in cold weather. It is believed that eating banana in cold weather can increase the problem of cold and cough, but it is not so. . Banana can be fed to children in all seasons. Banana is rich in nutrients like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, magnesium and carbohydrate, which is very important nutrition for the mental and physical development of children. In such a situation, if this fruit is completely removed from the diet of children, then there may be a deficiency of these nutrients in the body of the child. That’s why definitely include bananas in the child’s diet, but if the weather is cold, then take special care of some things. Know about the benefits of bananas and the things to keep in mind.

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