Ear Massage Techniques: There are many health benefits with ear massage.. These are the massage techniques..

Ear Massage Techniques: There are many health benefits with ear massage.. These are the massage techniques..

Ear Massage Techniques : When you are mentally and physically tired you want to relax. In that case massage will give you good relief. Sometimes you can massage your ears if you are unable to massage your entire body. It can also be easily done if you want to de-stress while at the office. Don’t do it just to reduce stress..Massaging the ears daily has many health benefits.

Ear massage is also known as auricular therapy. Several studies have shown that massaging the ears alone can have health benefits. Because ears have specific points related to various organs and systems. So massaging the ears benefits the entire body. But you don’t know how to massage sensitive ears? But this is for you. 

How to massage the ears..

Rubbing the outer ears, lobes.. gently pulling and pressing will relieve stress immediately. A low feeling comes. By gently massaging different parts of the ears, especially the lobes, your brain will release endorphins. Also many nerves in the body are stimulated. These hormones improve mood. Reduces pain.. Improves blood circulation in the body. 

Rub the palms together until you feel warmth between your hands. Place your warm palms over your ears. Cover your ears with your hands and sit in a meditative posture for some time. Using your fingers, lightly massage the outer part of your ears. Gently press the top of your ears to massage. Then fold gently. This is a kind of massage technique

More massage techniques..

Massage your lobes using your thumb and index fingers to massage the lower and middle parts of your ear. . Cup your palms and gently close your ears. Open them sometimes repeatedly. Close again. Then use your thumb and forefinger to gently press your ear lobes. 

Benefits are..

If you often suffer from pressure then regular ear massage Massage will remove all your tension and stress. It can relax the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety. Ear massage is an effective treatment for headache.  Those who suffer from headaches, migraines and those who want to reduce discomfort in other parts of the body will get relief from ear massage. Even those who do not sleep properly and have trouble getting sleep can improve the quality of sleep by doing this massage. 

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