Disease X: Disease X – Is it a more dangerous epidemic than covid, another threat?

Disease X: Disease X – Is it a more dangerous epidemic than covid, another threat?

X (X) reminds us of Elon Musk. But, that X‌.. has nothing to do with the elusive disease Disease X (Disease X) that is preparing to frighten the world. The World Economic Forum has already discussed this on January 15 in Davos, Switzerland. The World Health Organization (WHO) will soon issue warnings to the countries of the world. This Disease X can be 20 times more deadly than the Covid-19 virus.

Disease X symptoms

Another pandemic like Covid-19, Ebola, Zika‌ The microorganism that causes is Disease X. This microorganism, which has the potential to spread widely, was named Disease X in 2018 by the World Health Organization in 2018. This disease may be the most unpredictable of all the diseases encountered so far. Experts warn that unexpected new infectious agents may be present. But researchers warn that the world needs to be prepared to face it.

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever is a serious viral hemorrhagic disease similar to Ebola and Marburg. It causes severe bleeding. Its symptoms start suddenly. Fever, muscle pain, dizziness, neck pain, back pain, headache, eye pain occur. These are worse than covid symptoms. A dangerous situation will occur that will quickly kill people. 

How is Disease X going to be?

Some microbiologists predict that Disease X may also be a new variant of Covid-19. Others also believe that it could be another new type of virus unrelated to Covid. This uncertainty still persists in research. It only suggests that global public health is at stake and the world must prepare to face it.

Deadly like the Spanish flu

Last year, UK scientists warned that another pandemic as devastating as the Spanish flu of the 1920s looms. It is estimated to affect 50 million people worldwide. Globally recorded deaths from Covid-19 are only 7 million. WHO also says that there are many types of diseases spread all over the world, but there are not enough research resources available for these.

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