Diabetic Coma: These are the causes of diabetic coma.. Can we check the life threatening problem?

Diabetic Coma: These are the causes of diabetic coma.. Can we check the life threatening problem?

Diabetic Coma Preventions : Everyone should be very careful about health. People with diabetes should be especially careful. Otherwise there is a possibility of going into diabetic coma. So what is diabetic coma? What causes this condition? Now let's know about the interesting facts like its symptoms.

What exactly is Diabetic Coma?

Diabetic Coma is characterized by high or low glucose levels in the blood of diabetic patients. A condition experienced when This is when cells in a diabetic's body need glucose to function. As a result, the chances of the patient going into a diabetic coma are very high. 

What are the causes of this problem?

High blood sugar in the blood called hyperglycemia can make you unconscious. takes it to the level. This causes the body to become severely dehydrated. When you eat too much food that increases sugar in the body, when you are stressed.. when you take steroids.. when you don't do proper exercise.. hyperglycemia can increase in your body. There is a risk of unconsciousness when suffering from diabetes when high. When the medicines prescribed by the doctors are not taken regularly.. or even when they do not eat properly, they lose this consciousness. Thus the chances of the patient going into a diabetic coma are very high. 

This trigger point is more dangerous

Diabetic ketoacidosis also leads to diabetic comas. When you suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis, your body does not have enough insulin to function. So it starts breaking down fat for energy. This releases ketones into the bloodstream. It can lead to coma or even death of the patient. 
You are at risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis if you drink cold drinks, take certain prohibited drugs or take steroids. Infections and certain types of viruses also increase this risk.

What are its symptoms?

When you suffer from symptoms of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, respond quickly. want Otherwise, there is a risk of loss of life. But first you need to know what are its features. Very lethargic when hyperglycemia is present. Symptoms include excessive sweating, anxiety, increased or decreased appetite, tremors in the whole body, nausea in the stomach. Abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, frequent urination, lack of patience even to walk, increased hunger and thirst are also part of these symptoms. ;

To control..

To avoid fatal diabetic coma you need to follow some tips. If you are suffering from diabetes.. you should definitely take the medicines prescribed by your doctors. Get enough sleep. Reduce stress. Eat at the right time. Exercise should be done. If any of the above mentioned symptoms appear.. immediately consult a doctor. You should also try to control your blood sugar levels. If you react quickly and proactively enough you can prevent yourself from going into a diabetic coma.

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