Dermatomyositis Disease: The actress died of this disease

Dermatomyositis Disease: The actress died of this disease

All about Dermatomyositis Disease : No one can tell why, when, how some diseases occur. Even if something happens to someone, some don't even know that they have a disease. Recently, Suhani Bhatnagar, who played Babita Phogat's childhood role in Dangal, passed away due to a rare disease. Suhani, 19, died of dermatomyositis, a muscle weakness. So far some people do not know that there is such a thing as this disease. And what are the symptoms of life-threatening disease? Is there any treatment for this? Now let's find out things like.

Chances of survival are low

Dermatomyositis is a muscle weakness with rash on the skin. This is a rare disease. It is classified as one of the idiopathic inflammatory myopathy. But in terms of research, clinically it is different. It affects other organ systems like pulmonary, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal systems. This is why patients with dermatomyositis have a reduced chance of survival.

Diagnosis before ten days

Dermatomyositis is a rare disease that affects everyone from adults to children. Suhani Bhatnagar died of this rare inflammatory disease. Doctors said that the effects of this disease were seen only two months ago. She was diagnosed only ten days before her death. Her parents said that first she got swelling in her hand, thinking it was just a skin disease and took her to a dermatologist. It was revealed that she was diagnosed with dermatomyositis when she was admitted to AIIMS. 

The effect is more on people of that age

She got this infection during a surgery. Doctors said her body started producing fluids. It was revealed that these fluids affected Suhani's lungs. At last she reached the lap of death. This disease occurs in adults between 40 and 60 years of age. It appears in children between 5 and 15 years of age. 

The disease affects two in a million

Doctors said that this disease affects women more than men. Moreover, there is no proper clarity as to why this is happening. But it can be caused by a viral infection of the muscles. This can be caused by UV radiation, environmental factors including air pollutants, and medications such as statins used to lower cholesterol. This is a very rare disease.. 2 or 3 out of every 100,000 people are affected. , hips, thighs and neck muscles become very weak. The patient also finds it difficult to raise his arms to shoulder level. It may also be difficult to get up from a sitting position on a chair or the floor. Rashes, joint pain, swelling all over the body, swelling of the muscle tissues of the heart and lungs, swelling of the blood vessels that supply your skin and muscles. 


If timely treatment is not taken, swallowing, breathing and muscles will be severely affected. People with this problem should avoid sun exposure. Sunscreens and photoprotective clothing should be used. Otherwise, the effect of rash will worsen. 

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