Covid 19 Vaccine: 217 covid vaccines for one person – is he still alive?

Covid 19 Vaccine: 217 covid vaccines for one person – is he still alive?

CoVid-19 is known to scare the world. There is no effort made by scientists to get rid of this virus. Eventually a variety of vaccines became available. After vaccination the covid came under control. But the deaths did not stop. A study revealed that many people are losing their lives due to vaccine side effects. This created panic among the people. Many have already lost their lives due to heart attack. Suffering from heart problems at a young age. Arguments are heard that the reason for this situation is the Covid vaccine. In this background, scientists are trying to find out the link between the vaccine and heart problems. However, a 62-year-old man from Germany received 217 covid vaccines simultaneously. And those who have received the vaccine two or three times are getting many side effects. Is he still alive after taking 217 vaccines like that? What is his condition?

Vaccines upon vaccines for 29 months.. 

A 62-year-old man from Magdeburg, Germany, who received 217 covid vaccines, is discussed. However, he did this vaccination himself. He is taking vaccines from 2021 to 2023. Another remarkable thing is that he has never been exposed to the corona virus. But, fearing that he might have contracted the corona virus, he continues to undergo PCR tests regularly. He got used to vaccines with the intention of not getting corona. Currently his details are kept confidential. He did not disclose any side effects of hypervaccination. Currently, researchers are focusing on his health condition.  

Why did he do that?

During the outbreak of the Corona virus, many people were seriously worried. They were overly concerned about health for fear of where it might infect them. Along with home tips.. Medicines prescribed by doctors were also bought and used in advance. This is also a psychological problem. After getting infected with Corona, many died with this worry. Researchers say the German man may have taken vaccines with almost the same concern. In fact after two or three doses the chances of contracting covid are low. Doses higher than that have no effect. But, out of fear, he overdosed on vaccines. It is reported that he is currently in good health and is under the observation of doctors. On the other hand, how did he get all the vaccines? An investigation is also underway on how he got them. 

With the permission of the court, the doctors collected saliva and blood samples from him. They were compared to samples from people who had received three doses of the Covid vaccine. The doctors who examined the samples of 29 people gave the person three more doses of the Covid vaccine and noticed changes in his body. On this occasion, it was found that the antibody levels in his body had reached the maximum level. T and B cells in the immune system are known to be strengthened. However, the researchers said that no major side effects were observed in him. More details will be revealed soon. It has been confirmed that he is healthy and alive. In fact, he himself took only 83 vaccines. Officially taken 134. Whatever his actions.. researchers got a chance to learn new things. 

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