Colon Cancer Causes : Colon cancer growing with oral bacteria.. Shocking things in the latest study

Colon Cancer Causes : Colon cancer growing with oral bacteria.. Shocking things in the latest study

Colon Cancer Triggering with Mouth Bacteria : There have already been many articles to take care of oral hygiene. A recent study also says the same. If the mouth is not kept clean, bacteria can form in the mouth. Researchers have found that it stimulates the growth of colon cancer. According to a new study, bacteria in the mouth enter the intestines and increase the growth of colon cancer tumors. Scientists have said that this is the most important reason for the increase in colon cancer. Many other things they said they did not identify in this study. 

Research on colon cancer tumors

Researchers at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center in America.. The effects of oral bacteria on the growth of cancer Research was done to find out. As part of this, colon cancer tumors removed from 200 patients were examined. An oral bacterium called Fusobacterium nucleatum was identified in them. The study found that oral bacteria were present in 50 percent of the tumors tested. The latest study has been published in Nature Journal.

In India, there are many victims of this cancer..

The drugs used to treat colon cancer are also used in this study. He said that bacteria can affect it. Colon cancer is one of the top ten most common types of cancer in India. There are many treatments available for this. Screening methods can reduce the problem and improve health. But.. if the mouth is not kept clean, the chances of cancer increase. Thus the cancer grows more and becomes fatal.

Reduces the immune system..

Compared to those who are not affected by oral bacteria.. the immune system of those with this oral bacteria Power is found to be very low. Moreover, their health deteriorated day by day, according to the Fred Hutch Cancer Microbiome researchers. They found out how the microbe goes from the mouth to the gut and how it causes cancer to grow. Fusobacterium nucleatum is the predominant group involved in large bowel cancer tumors. It consists of two distinct lineages called clades.

Clades Affecting Tumors

Distinguish the genetic differences between these clades.. Tumor infiltrating The researchers found that the Fna C2 type of gene acquires characteristics. It is found that it travels from the mouth through the stomach.. survives the stomach acid.. and then enters the gastrointestinal tract. Researchers have found that it can cause cancer growth. Apart from this, to control various health problems, it is said that oral bacteria should be reduced.

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