Cinnamon Tea For Lowering High Cholesterol : If you drink cinnamon tea like this, cholesterol will be under control.. and many other benefits too.

Cinnamon Tea For Lowering High Cholesterol : If you drink cinnamon tea like this, cholesterol will be under control.. and many other benefits too.

Cinnamon Tea Benefits : Drinking cinnamon tea can provide many amazing health benefits. Especially those who are troubled with cholesterol problems can get good results if they take it regularly. Helps fight against high cholesterol levels and flush out bad cholesterol from the body. Apart from this, Ayurvedic experts say that drinking it daily can provide many health benefits. So what are the benefits of drinking it? Now let's know how to make cinnamon tea. 

Cinnamon Tea Recipe

It doesn't require much ingredients to make it. . Just three or four ingredients are enough. Cinnamon, honey, tea bag, water. First take a mug and put cinnamon in it. Pour boiling hot water in it. Cover it and keep aside for ten minutes. After that put the tea bag and keep it for two minutes. Strain the tea bag and cinnamon and add some honey to it and drink it. Now let us see the benefits of drinking this herbal tea. 


Cinnamon tea is rich in antioxidants. They reduce oxidative stress in the body. Protects the body from free radical damage by preventing inflammation. By taking it regularly, antioxidants increase.. improves heart health. 

Anti-inflammatory properties

When it comes to heart diseases.. High cholesterol ranks first. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon reduce inflammation in the body. Drinking cinnamon tea on a daily basis can reduce inflammation and improve your health. 

Lowering Cholesterol

Cinnamon tea is mainly used to lower cholesterol. Some studies have also found that it lowers cholesterol. Cinnamon lowers LDL cholesterol levels. It flushes artery-clogging cholesterol out of the body. Consuming cinnamon tea regularly can make changes in your total cholesterol levels. If cholesterol is reduced, heart problems will go away.

To keep sugar levels under control

Cinnamon tea keeps blood sugar levels under control. People with high cholesterol also have high sugar levels in their bodies. Such people should take cinnamon tea regularly. It increases insulin sensitivity in the body and controls blood sugar. More benefits: Better blood circulation improves your overall health. Cinnamon improves blood circulation in the body. Its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, reduction in LDL cholesterol levels… all this improves heart health. So you can take it regularly. But if you drink it first thing in the morning the results will be better. 

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