Braille Facts: Did you know that Braille is not a language.. a code based on a logical system

Braille Facts: Did you know that Braille is not a language.. a code based on a logical system

World Braille Day 2024 : Braille Day is celebrated once a year by the sighted. But those who suffer from blindness.. and those who improve themselves as if their eyesight is not a hindrance, celebrate Braille Day daily. Braille has given a new relief to the blind people after checking the hearing methods that existed till then. It made them not dependent on others for their personal matters. Braille has greatly benefited blind people in keeping their information private. 

It has changed the lives of blind people..

World Braille Day is celebrated on 4th January. It is being organized to commemorate the birthday of Louis Braille, who invented Braille and did many services to it. Born in France in 1809, Louis lost his sight in an accident as a child. At the age of 15, Lewis introduced a new method of communication that changed the lives of the blind. It changed the lives of blind people. It was his strong will that led to the vision of one of the most valuable revolutionary systems in history. 

Based on the Night Writing Code..

When Louis was a student in France, he yearned to read more books. was It was during this time that he experimented with creating an alphabet that could easily be read with fingerprints. Louis discovered Braille at the age of fifteen. Night writing code was used for military messages that could be read without light on the battlefield at night. Inspired by it, Lewis invented braille to read and write by touch.

Before the United Nations recognized it..

The United Nations General Commemorated Braille's impact on the human rights of people suffering from blindness. The Assembly declared World Braille Day as an international day in 2018. As a tribute to Louis, it was decided to hold this day on his birthday. The first ceremony was held on January 4, 2019. But many celebrated World Braille Day before the United Nations recognized it. 

It's not a language.. a code

Talking about Braille, it's not a language. Code that can be used in many languages. 6 dots in Braille make up a cell. There are 64 braille cell combinations including an empty cell. Writers use different grades of braille depending on preference. It mainly consists of three grades. Grade 1 Braille contains 26 letters of the English alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks and more. Grade 2 consists of letters and words. Grade 3 is called Short Hand Braille. Individual letters are used in these notes. 

Many blind people have been taught letters..

Many blind people are reading and writing because of this braille. This will bring literacy to blind people all over the world. Many use Braille in their native languages. Anyone can learn Braille. It's a bit confusing to look at but.. just like any other code, Braille is based on a logical system. Once you understand this.. you will be able to read Braille easily. 

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