Boy Best Friend Benefits: Do you know why every girl.. should be a boy's best friend?

Boy Best Friend Benefits: Do you know why every girl.. should be a boy's best friend?

Everyone has friends. No one exists without friends. No matter what mood we are in, friends are very important to reduce stress and sadness. We treat some of our friends as family. Actually you share your secrets only with your friends. However, friendship between a girl and a boy is best. Because friendship with a boy is very special. A boy is the best friend in every girl's life. Why should a boy and a girl be best friends..

There will be no dramas

There will be no jealousy for a boy bestie. Even if you have a fight.. you will be together again in just ten minutes. Boys don't like to hold grudges against friends. Even if you curse, your daily speech will not stop. He will do everything possible to bring a smile to your face if the fault is on their side. 

He will tell you honestly whatever he thinks

Believe that boys will never lie to you. They are always honest about the way you look or about a certain situation. They don't even care what bad things you say. Because they like to be honest with you. 

Even if there is a fight, you don't tell your secrets to anyone 

If you tell a boy anything, he forgets it right away. If you say something to the same girls, it will reach everyone within minutes. So you can share your secrets with them. Trust me it will be safe. Even if you fight or go months without speaking, he will keep your secrets safe. Your best friend is your best friend no matter how you behave. He doesn't care about them.

They will never judge you

Think about it.. Girls, if girls scold, they will judge and talk. When a boy and a girl fight, boys and girls are not judged at all. No matter how ugly you act or how bad you look, you always have someone by your side. You will be supportive no matter what you do. Will help.

Take care 

You, with your boy best friend‌, will take care of you wherever you go. If you are in trouble, anytime, they are the first person to come to you. He will bring you out of trouble. He will fight for you. He will also stand up for you. Because if someone sees you hurting.. he can't stand it.

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