Ariselu Recipe : Making Ariselu for the first time? Cook it tasty at home

Ariselu Recipe : Making Ariselu for the first time?  Cook it tasty at home

Andhra Special Ariselu Recipe : It is enough that Sankranti has arrived.. Along with the rush in the villages, the kitchens also become colorful. Would a festival be complete if such a kitchen had no mirrors? Not at all. Ariselu is very famous especially during Sankranthi (2024). There is a special discussion about this in traditional recipes. But they think that making mirrors is very difficult.. it cannot be done in a small amount. Aspirants follow this simple recipe and you can make Ariselu at home during the festival. Efforts should never be made in large to make small amount of let us know what are the required ingredients. 

Ingredients required

Rice – cup /p>

Jaggery – cup

Water – 2 cups

Cardamom powder – half teaspoon

Ghee – 2 tbsp

Oil – not enough for deep frying

Ghee – 1 tsp for garnish

For rice batter..

For rice soak overnight Soak. Wash two or three times in the morning and strain the water. Let them dry for ten to fifteen minutes. Then grind the rice. Grind the flour finely and keep it aside. Many people throw rice outside when making large amounts of rice. Since we are consuming less quantity, we can prepare rice flour at home. Sieve the dough prepared like this. Then the glasses will come out smooth.

For jaggery syrup..

Light the stove.. and place a deep and wide pan on it. Add grated jaggery to it. Add enough water to it and mix well. Mix it with a spatula. Jaggery melts and small bubbles come out. When the paka darkens.. put a little paka in the water and see. If the jaggery separates, cook more jaggery jaggery. Otherwise the syrup will not melt.. As you round it, it will be like that.. the karaam is ready. 

Add cardamom powder ghee to the prepared jaggery karaam and mix well. After that stop the stove and add the previously prepared batter little by little to the jaggery paste and mix. Put a little pressure and mix well so that the flour is mixed well without lumps. Mix the rice flour until the dough becomes stiff like chapati dough. It is said that the better the flour is mixed, the better the rice will taste. Prepare rice flour like this. 

Method of making rice flour

Light the stove and put a big kadai in it and add enough oil for deep frying. After the oil is cooked well.. take some rice flour. Press rice flour round on an oiled plate or on an oiled plastic cover. You can sprinkle sesame seeds on it. Add it to the boiling oil. Keep the flame on medium and let it boil. Fry till it turns brown. That's how hot the windows are. When both sides get a good color.. Take out the rice from the oil.. Press it firmly with two palms. By doing this, there will be no more oil in the rice. For the festival of Sankranti.. the hot curtains are ready. If you are successful the first time, it means that you can make more money later. 

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