Actor Suresh: Pichoda said he will die – Doctors are shocked: Actor Suresh

Actor Suresh: Pichoda said he will die – Doctors are shocked: Actor Suresh

Actor Suresh Weight Less Diet Plan: Veteran actor Suresh does not need much introduction. He has done more than 270 films as an actor. He has directed many films as a director and producer. He continued to be a star hero in the Telugu film industry for some time. After that he also played villain roles. Currently, he is excelling as a character artist and playing important roles in serials as well.

What won't I eat for 15 hours after lunch- Suresh

Suresh, who was once slim, recently gained a lot of weight. Reached about 120 kg. After that, he did not act in movies for a few days. There were speculations that she was not doing films because of her weight gain. In this background, he wanted to lose weight anyway. He has been following a strict diet for the last 5 months and has lost a lot of weight. He recently participated in an interview and disclosed important things about his weight loss diet. Just take water and green tea. After an hour I take a banana or an apple. Otherwise I will eat tomato. At 9 o'clock I eat the white of the egg. I take oats as breakfast. I eat a lot of cooked foods. I eat pulkas for lunch. I will take some rice. I eat biryani rice if it is Sunday. I eat grilled chicken, grilled fish, or vegetables. In the afternoon I take full stomach food. I don't eat anything for at least 15 hours after that. If you eat at one o'clock in the afternoon, you will not have anything to eat until the next morning. I will drink good water or lemon juice flour in buttermilk” He said.

Doctors were shocked when they told me about my diet – Suresh

Suresh said that the doctors were shocked to know about his diet. “I have been following this diet for the last 5 months. I lost 21 kg. Now I have reached 88 kg.  I was overweight before this diet. I immediately got scared and started this diet. Cholesterol cannot increase in the body due to not taking anything for at least 15 hours. By giving rest to eat, we also lose weight. Before starting this diet I wanted to see how many days I could go without eating anything. Didn't eat anything for three days. I only drank lemon water and plain water. I just lost 6 kg. I called the doctors and told them about it. Madman, you will die if you do that. He said to start eating properly immediately. Ok, I changed my diet. I started walking. At first I used to do it for 5 minutes. Then I did it for 10 minutes. Now I am walking 18 km per day” Suresh said.  

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