Aaj Ka Panchang: On October 30, it is Kartik Navami, the Moon will remain in Cancer, know the auspicious time and today’s Rahu period

Aaj Ka Panchang 30 October 2021 : 30 October 2021, Saturday is a very special day. According to the Panchang, this day is the ninth date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. The transit of Moon will remain in Cancer sign. Ashlesha Nakshatra is also there on this day. Today is a coincidence of worship of Shani Dev.

Worship of Shani Dev
Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Worshiping Shani Dev on this day gives relief from Sadesati and Shani’s dhaiya. On the other hand, for those people to whom Shani Dev is giving inauspicious results, this day is also a good opportunity to pacify Shani Dev. On this day, things related to Shani Dev should be donated. Shani Chalisa should be recited. By doing this Shani Dev is pleased.

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Today’s date (Aaj Ki Tithi) : 30 October 2021, Saturday is the date of Navami   of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. According to the Panchang, the date of Navami will end at 2.45 pm. After this the date of Dashami will start.

Today’s Nakshatra (Aaj Ka Nakshatra): According to the Panchang on October 30, Ashlesha Nakshatra is. Auspicious yoga is made on this day.

Today’s Rahu Kaal (Aaj Ka Rahu Kaal)
According to the Panchang, on 30 October 2021, Rahu Kaal will be from 09.17 am to 10.41 am on Saturday. Doing auspicious work in Rahu Kaal is considered taboo.

30 October 2021 Panchang (Panchang 30 October 2021)
Vikrami Samvat: 2078
Maas Purnimant: Kartik month
Paksha: Krishna
Day: Saturday< br />Tithi: Navami – till 14:45:46
Nakshatra: Ashlesha – till 12:52:01
Karan: Kaulava – Gar – till 14:45:46, Vanij – 26:44: Till 05
Yoga: Shukla – till 24:58:21
Sunrise: 06:31:17 AM
Sunset: 17:37:59 PM
Moon: Cancer – 12 Till :52:01
Drika Ritu: Hemant
Rahukal: 09:17:58 to 10:41:18 (no auspicious work is done during this period)
Shubh Muhurta Timing of Abhijeet Muhurta – 11:42:25 to 12:26:51
Direction: East
Abhujit Muhurta timing –
Dusht Muhurta: 06:31:17 to 07:15 till :44, from 07:15:44 to 08:00:11
Kulik: from 07:15:44 to 08:00:11
Kalvela / Ardhayam: from 13:11:18 to 13: Till 55:45
Yamghant: from 14:40:12 to 15:24:38
Kantaka: from 11:42:25 to 12:26:51
Yamgand: 13:27: From 58 to 14:51:18
Gulik period: from 06:31:17 to 07:54:38

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