Jobs: Greater Noida Authority recruits retired officers, jobs will be available on these posts

Jobs: Greater Noida Authority recruits retired officers, jobs will be available on these posts

Greater Noida has planned to take advantage of the experience of retired officers. Retired officers will now make plans for Greater Noida Authority. The authority, which is facing shortage of human resources, has decided to hire five general managers (land consultants) in the GM Planning and Land Department. Retired officers will be kept in it. Its process has been started.

There is a shortage of officers and employees in Greater Noida Authority. There are posts of about 300 officers and employees, but the deployment of officers and employees is less than the posts. The special thing is that compared to the number of officers and employees who are sent from here to other places, they do not come here. This is the reason why shortage persists here. The situation is that the posts of GM Civil, Planning, Electrical, Land etc. are lying vacant for a long time. Many GM posts are being held by PCS officers. There is also a shortage of civil engineers.

Recruitment is to be done on these posts: Greater Noida Authority has started the process of appointment of General Manager Planning. The authority will hire retired officers from the Municipal Corporation and the authority. The process for this has been started. Similarly, the authority will appoint five general managers (land consultants) in the land department. His role will be as an advisor. This appointment will be for 6 months. One more period of service extension of six months can be given. The applicant will have to apply within 15 days. It is expected that after these appointments the authority’s plans will gain further momentum.

Earlier also a plan was made to retain retired people: Greater Noida Authority has already issued recruitment for many posts. The post of GM Civil has also been included in this. Apart from this, the process of recruiting eight accountants, two Kanungo, three Naib Tehsildars and three Tehsildars was started. All the posts are to be filled by retired people.

hence the need arose

Eight new industrial sectors are developing in Greater Noida. Land is to be purchased in IITGNL and other projects. For this, employees and officers are needed. There is shortage of staff in this department. To overcome this shortage, the decision to appoint five officers in the land department has been made.

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