IIT Bombay students are busy, not one, not two, job offer of Rs 1 crore annually to 85 students

IIT Bombay students are busy, not one, not two, job offer of Rs 1 crore annually to 85 students

IIT: The placement season of IIT Bombay is setting records this time too. This time there are not one or two students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) who have got job offers with a salary package of more than one crore, there are 85 students who have got job offers of more than one crore in Phase-I of 2023-24. Have received CTC job offers. Not only this, 1,340 offers were made in the institute till December 20, through which 1,188 students have got jobs so far.

This year, more than 2,000 students had registered for placements, of which 60% have received job offers in the first phase. The second phase is scheduled for the end of this month. This time, Research and Development has received the highest salary, this year the average annual salary here has been Rs 36.9 lakh, which was only Rs 32.25 lakh last year.

This year, a total of 63 international companies have offered jobs including Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong. The maximum salary given by an international company is 29 lakh Hong Kong dollars (about Rs 3 crore) annually. The total average salary of this placement is Rs 24.02 lakh per annum. The average package for engineering was Rs 21.88 lakh, for IT and software Rs 26.35 lakh, for finance Rs 32.38 lakh, for research and development the average salary was Rs 36.94 lakh. 388 people were placed in the first phase between December 1 and 15. Domestic and international companies made 1,340 offers.

Let us tell you that earlier a graduate of the 2022-23 batch of IIT Bombay had received a job offer of an annual salary of Rs 3.67 crore from a foreign company. The institute has said that this is the highest international job offer till date. Apart from this, another graduate has got a job offer of Rs 1 crore from an Indian company. This is the highest among the placements taking place in the country.

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