Hyderabad IT Crisis: Work from home continues for more than three years.. IT organizations are worried that a new threat is lurking

Is a bigger disaster than Corona haunting the software industry? Has the IT sector, confined to the home for three years, started a new crisis? The software sector says yes. Until now, there are warnings that 60 percent work from home is limited to the main reason for these misfortunes. What difficulties are still haunting. There is no threat. Today let’s find out how work from home affects IT in Hyderabad.

The software sector stands in the first row among the sectors that have reached home during the Corona period. Although it has been three years since work from home was introduced… this sector is still limited to 60 percent of the home. No matter how much the companies do, only less than 40 percent come to the offices and perform their duties. It is important to work wherever you are. This principle has been followed till now. Some of the costs for the companies have also been reduced. Employees are close to their family members. But now new problems are starting. That is now ringing danger bells for IT.

Logging in from home .. doing jobs .. that’s why no one knows who is doing the work. IT proxy amid similar situations. This is what the companies have put forward as moon lighting scam. An employee who is working at home ..doing two jobs simultaneously. A system in which an employee of a company hires another person to complete the work without doing the work himself. The companies who recognized this as a danger started trying to stop it.

All the IT companies are confused now. Even though the pandemic situation has subsided, the employees are not coming forward. There are many reasons for this. HR departments of IT companies say that there are many reasons like staying at home and getting used to work.

But more than this, the troubles that will shake the IT industry are haunting. One of these is the threat of skill transfer. On the other hand, productivity is also suffering. The raw material of productivity in the software sector changes from time to time. Maybe new software. May be languages..may be new projects. Such things can be learned from each other when working from office. But now it is completely gone. In the work system of “Whoever they are”.

On the other hand… the employees who used to work from home for a long time… but now the duties performed at home are at least not related to the working hours. After logging in, there is no difference between day and night. It is said that they have to work from home for at least 12 hours. IT associations feel that this is a very difficult thing for all IT employees.

And how long:

IT sector is limited to these houses. Does this cause any harm? From the employees to the owners of the companies, are there any benefits? Surplus money to pay for basic facilities.. Is work from home the reason to continue? IT companies say no

The owners of the IT companies say that if the profits coming in the IT sector are compared to the expenses incurred, they are paying the highest amount on the employees. It is said that the amount spent on rent, electricity, transportation, etc. is very small. For this, there is no need for companies to promote work from home. On the other hand .. 60 to 80 percent of small and micro IT companies are already bringing their employees from the work from to the offices .. and large.. companies have to carry out work in the offices full-time, IT company associations say.

In any case, representatives of IT companies say that it is necessary for IT companies to start full-scale work in offices. Not just production… They say that there are many errors in the IT sector. It is said that the earlier the better, otherwise there is a risk of damage to IT growth.

Employee Response to Duties in Work from Home:

However, many employees are expressing the opinion that work from home is not fair. It is said that not only working extra hours.. on the other hand.. Productivity and work environment are lost. In one word, work from office is better than work from home.

But… many companies.. are coming up with many new ideas to bring employees out of the home. Out of eight hours, only four hours are spent in the office. The rest of the time is spent playing games. Games like table tennis, food ball table, caroms, billiards are being arranged. Instead of being completely at work, they are providing recreation.

The IT sector is…It is not only the employees of those organizations.. the sectors dependent on this sector are also lagging. Some are asking if they can survive after bankruptcy. Thus, an IT employee has a dependency ratio of one to three to five. It includes cabs, office duties to small traders. This ongoing work in the IT sector is completely damaging the sectors like looting, food, transport, security. Businesses that once ran well are now bankrupt.

Mainly the transport system of software employees has been crippled. As only less than 40 percent of the employees are coming to the offices, many people who depend on this are suffering. In the end, they are confused about the situation of paying the EMIs for the loans made in the banks for the purchase of vehicles.

Hyderabad software sector plays a key role in the country. Pune and Bangalore are running equally with the big cities. If the software sector like this.. does not return to a normal state… there will be a big loss.

Reporter: Ganesh, Tv9 Telugu

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