Bihar Teacher Recruitment: Now the process of teacher appointment will start in urban areas

Bihar Teacher Recruitment: Now the process of teacher appointment will start in urban areas

BPSC Bihar Teacher Recruitment: After rural areas, now teacher appointment process will be started in government schools of urban areas. The education department has written a letter to all the district education offices. Teacher appointment process will now take place in government schools in urban areas at the district level. For this, subject wise vacancies have been sought from all the schools. In this, the number of subject wise teachers along with the total enrollment of each school has been sought. For this, instructions have been given to government, government-owned, project secondary and higher secondary school principals. Let us tell you that the teachers selected by BPSC under the second phase of teacher appointment are to be appointed in schools in urban areas also. The education department has asked for subject wise vacancies from schools. Appointment will be done on this basis. Schools were given time till January 1 for this.

Compared to the enrolment, teachers are negligible. Total enrollment in Higher Secondary School Phulwarisharif is 2593. But the number of teachers here is 21. There are 518 enrollments in TK Ghosh Academy, but the number of teachers here is only five. There is a total enrollment of 1140 in Chirayatand High School, but there are only five teachers. This situation is not of any one school but of hundreds of schools. Even in schools where the number of teachers is more, there are no subject wise teachers.

If the seat is not filled then the appointment exam will be held again.

If the selected 1 lakh 22 thousand seats are not filled then there will be a re-appointment examination. Subject wise vacancies have been sought from district wise urban area schools till January 1. By the second week it will become clear how many schools have not been able to meet the shortage of teachers.

Patna DEO Amit Kumar said that information about the number of teachers and total enrollment has been sought from all the schools. It has to be sent to the department. Schools have been given time till January 1 to fill subject wise vacancies. This includes schools from primary to higher secondary.

Counseling of missed teacher candidates from today:

Counseling of left out teacher candidates will start from today. BPSC has released the first stage supplementary exam results and second stage exam results for those candidates who could not attend the counseling due to some reason. Those whose data entry certificate has an error or are not able to participate in counseling due to other reasons. They will again be given one chance for counselling. Counseling will take place till January 13. Counseling will be held in Patna High School from 10 am to 5 pm. This will include candidates from classes 1st to 5th, 6th to 8th, 9th and 10th and 11th and 12th.

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