Bihar Teacher Recruitment: More than 21000 new posts of teachers approved, maximum posts from class 1 to 5

Bihar Teacher Recruitment: More than 21000 new posts of teachers approved, maximum posts from class 1 to 5

Approval has been given for creation of 21475 new posts including 11 thousand teachers in Bihar. In the education department, 11039 posts for classes one to five, 5957 posts for classes six to eight and 4361 posts for classes nine to ten have also been created. Apart from this, 61 new posts of different categories have been created for the management and operation of Patna Museum. Besides, 34 other posts have also been created for running other museums. Six posts have been created permanently for Bihar Heritage Development Committee. Apart from the posts already created for the restructuring of Labor Service Cadre, the proposal to create 13 posts and 10 need-based posts in the sub-divisional Public Relations Offices of the Information and Public Relations Department has also been approved.

15345 crore to provide electricity subsidy to consumers. In order to provide fixed subsidy to various categories of electricity consumers under the Chief Minister Electricity Consumer Assistance Scheme in the year 2024-25, the Cabinet has approved Rs 15345 crore through the Reserve Bank for the period from April 2024 to March 2025. The proposal to give it to NTPC has been approved. Every month Rs 1278.58 crore will be spent on this item.

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Amrapali training centers will open in every district

The proposal to open Amrapali training centers in all the districts for the preservation, promotion and development of art culture was approved. To open the training center, Rs 1086.60 crore will be spent in the year 2024-25 and Rs 934.80 crore in 2025-26. Bihar Sports Scholarship Scheme 2024 has been approved for the successful implementation of long term athlete development program for athletes of different age groups. The government will spend Rs 30 crore every year on the scheme.

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