Holi 2023: Don’t ignore samosas and gujiyas in the pursuit of fitness… do body detox like this

Ways To Detox Body: The festival of Holi is about to come. There will be a lot of fun. Many dishes will also be prepared, such as gujiya, kulfi, pakoras, panipuri chaat, sweets, etc., but if you are worried about your fitness and are thinking of keeping distance from these dishes, then do not do this, because the festival should be enjoyed by loved ones. It is only in eating and drinking together. In such a situation, we are telling you some such tips, by which you can detox your body after Holi and maintain your fitness again. 


strong>You can do fasting. This also detoxes the body. During fasting the digestive system remains very relaxed and the body uses the energy for healing. If you want, you can do intermittent fasting or you can do fasting while consuming fruits and vegetables. You can do fasting for 1 day in a week or 4 days in a month. It helps in keeping your body very fit and detoxes.

Do oil pulling- You can also detox the body by oil pulling. Wake up early in the morning and do oil pulling with coconut oil or sesame oil. Swish the oil in your mouth for about 5 minutes to 20 minutes and rinse it inside the entire mouth. Just keep in mind during this time that oil should not go inside your body in any way, otherwise harmful bacteria can go inside the body. At the same time, you can get rid of bacteria and toxins along with whitening teeth through oil pulling

Drink a lot of water- Drink a lot of water to detox the body. It helps in getting the toxins out of the body from our system. It also detoxes the body through urine. If you want, you can also add flavor to the water, such as adding cinnamon or mint leaves and drinking water.

Get enough sleep- Getting good and sufficient sleep is essential for overall health. It is necessary for health, so try to have a good sleep of 7 to 8 hours. If we sleep well then our body removes a lot of toxins. When we sleep our liver regenerates and our lymphatic system works properly to remove toxins. It repairs our skin. If you sleep well then your body will repair the cells.

Eat fruits- To detox the body, you can Consume fruits. Eat salads, fruits help in speeding up your digestion and metabolism. Due to its consumption  Gut microflora increases, which leads to good bowel cleansing and stomach problems are removed

Drink vegetable juice- Instead of using fruit juice, you can have vegetable juice for breakfast. Drink as. If you want, you can make juice by mixing carrot and beetroot with herbs like ginger or turmeric. Sprinkling black pepper on top and drinking it has many benefits. It helps in digestion.

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