moto g200: Moto G200 smartphone equipped with 108MP camera is ready to launch! This information surfaced – moto g200 might launch soon with powerful 108mp camera


  • Moto G200 will be equipped with a powerful camera
  • Photography will be like DSLR
  • battery will also be strong

New Delhi. If the camera is strong in the smartphone, then the photography experience becomes excellent. Keeping this in mind, Motorola will soon come up with a 108MP camera. Moto G200 can launch. Moto Some information has come out about the G200 smartphone, according to which this smartphone will come with a 108 megapixel camera, in which triple camera setup will be seen. If Motorola launches a smartphone with this camera, then it will be no less than good news for the customers.

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Talking about other features, a punch-hall camera will be offered in its front. Along with this, the smartphone can be launched in the market with two variants. However, in both these variants, apart from the color, no other difference will be seen. According to the information, a 6.7-inch Full HD + display can be offered in the smartphone, which will come with a refresh rate of 90Hz.

If we talk about the processor, then Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor can be offered in Moto G100. On the other hand, in terms of storage, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage can be offered in it, which can be expanded. If we talk about the battery, then this smartphone can come with 5,000mAh battery.

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DSLR photo quality

As it is being said that the photo quality of the DSLR will be available in the Moto G200, so it is expected. In such a situation, it can prove to be a great smartphone for photography enthusiasts. There is no doubt that the quality of photos will increase with such a heavy camera. For professional YouTubers and content creators, this smartphone can prove to be an alternative to a DSLR.


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