Haier brought new Smart AC, will control voice and will get 12 years compressor warranty

UV Clean Pro: As the summer season begins, companies are starting to launch AC models equipped with their new technology and great features for the customers. Please tell that Haier has also launched its new AC model in India with the UVC sterilisation feature for customers. Its model number is HSU18F-UVSW4B (INV) which comes with 1.5 Ton cooling capacity. For the information of people, let us know that this AC model has BEE 4 star rating and the biggest thing to note here is that the compressor of this AC model is getting a 12-year warranty. Haier India claims that the company has introduced the UVC sterilisation feature that will eliminate all air pollution without releasing any harmful chemicals. UV Clean Pro comes with AC convertible feature, with the help of which users can reduce the tonnage capacity of AC from 0.6 ton to 0.6 ton if they wish. To activate this feature, the echo button has to be pressed on the report. With this, users will be able to adjust the tonnage of AC according to their convenience, which will also reduce power consumption. Also, AC has hyper PCB to avoid damage due to voltage fluctuations which will help in maintaining stable operation of the air conditioner. The AC has been launched with Wi-Fi and voice control feature, with the help of Wi-Fi control feature, the user will be able to turn the AC on or off even if it is not around the AC. Apart from this, the temperature of the room can be controlled through the smartphone, but for this, Haier Smart App will have to be used. Smart AC can be controlled by voice command and is compatible with Google Assistant. Let us know that AC Selfie comes with clean technology. The price of this AC model in India has been fixed at Rs 66,500.

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