echo: Bluetooth Speaker, it takes a few seconds to detect a stranger’s presence in your room – amazon echo speakers now able to detect people in a room


  • New feature added to Amazon Echo speakers
  • easily senses someone’s presence
  • This is very important for the users

New Delhi. Amazon echo and Echo Dot Now it has become much more hi-tech than before. People often like to keep them in their homes and use them for music or learning, but their new feature is very high-tech which users will like very much. Actually, now these speakers can sense the presence of any person in the room using ultra sound technology. This feature sounds very common, but in reality it is quite unique and it is also very important. Users will get a great experience from this new feature.

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Let us tell you that Amazon Echo and Echo Dot have now become capable of turning off the lights and other appliances of that room if they do not find the presence of any person in your room, which will not only save electricity, but also The danger of any kind of short circuit can also be avoided. Amazon first announced the upcoming Echo speaker feature during a fall hardware event in September.

According to the information, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot will use ultrasound technology which cannot be heard but with the help of this device will easily sense the presence and absence of any person.

Let us tell you that Echo and Echo Dot customers can enable or disable this new feature using the Alexa app. Let us tell you that this feature is listed in Motion Detection of Alexa app settings and it will be for all Echo devices. You can turn it on or off by going to Settings.

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Explain that users can set occupancy routines so that when they leave the room, the lights of the room will be turned off and when they enter the room, the lights will turn on again. Along with this, customers can play Alexa play music and radio stations using the motion sensor. Using this feature, users can also find out whether a stranger is entering their room. This feature is also very good from the security point of view.


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