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The film Jai Bhim, released on Amazon Prime Video, has been in constant controversy since its release. Recently, there was a lot of uproar about a scene of the film going viral. In this scene, Prakash Raj slapped an elderly man for speaking Hindi. It didn’t take long for the controversy to subside after the Vanniyar community sent legal notices to the film’s director, Suriya, and Amazon Prime Video. People of the Vanniyar community say that there are many things in the film through which an attempt has been made to throw mud on their community. After this incident, all the fans have come out in support of Suriya and his film team.

Twitter uproar over

People from the Vanniyar community say that an attempt has been made to tarnish his reputation in the film. Since then, fans on Twitter are constantly tweeting in support of Surya. With this, #WeStandWithSuriya has started trending on Twitter.

This demand has been made in the notice

According to Pu Tha Arulmozhi, state president of Vanniyar Sangam, there are many such objectionable scenes in this film which are enough to defame the people of Vanniyar community. In the notice, there has been a demand to remove this season. Along with this, a demand of Rs 5 crore has also been made.

The film has got good response

While Jai Bhim is surrounded by controversies, on the other hand it has also been liked by many people. The ideologies of BR Ambedkar have been shown in this film. Recently, Jai Bhim has also entered the list of top films of IMBD rating.

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