Uorfi-Kangana War: Kangana Ranaut commented on ‘Khan’ on ‘Pathan’, Urfi Javed did such a thing

Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ has crossed the figure of around 500 crores worldwide by earning 275 crores in the country. Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback after five years on the big screen has proved to be very lucky. Because his film has done a slapdash collection in just 5 days and has forced Bahubali 2 and KGF 2 to bite their noses. In the midst of all this, when the Boycott gang went into cold storage, Kangana Ranaut’s voice made noise. The actress tweeted about this film, during which she also got into a fight with Urfi Javed. Let us tell why and how the Twitter war started and what both said to each other.

Actually, Bollywood film producer Priya Gupta tweeted a video from inside the theatre. The song ‘Jhoome Jo Pathan’ is playing and the audience is dancing to it by turning on the phone lights. Priya wrote in the tweet- Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone (Deepika Padukone) congratulate you on the tremendous success of the film Pathan. Firstly, this proves that both Hindus and Muslims love SRK equally and secondly, the Boycott controversy has not harmed the film but has helped it. Thirdly, erotica and good music also worked. Fourth is that India is super secular.

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Kangana Ranaut tweeted

Now retweeting this, Kangana Ranaut wrote- Very good analysis… This country has loved only and only Khan and sometimes only and only Khan. Also obsessed with Muslim actresses. That’s why it is very wrong to accuse India of hatred and fascism… There is no country like India in the world.

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Urfi Javed’s counterattack

Social media sensation Urfi Javed’s reaction came on this tweet of Kangana Ranaut. He retweeted that tweet of the actress and wrote – Oh God! What is this division, Muslim actors, Hindu actors. Art is not divided in the name of religion. There are only actors here.

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Kangana Ranaut’s reply to Urfi Javed

Kangana Ranaut did not stop at these things of Urfi Javed. He hit back with another tweet. Wrote- ‘Yes my dear Urfi this would be an ideal world but it is not possible until we have a Uniform Civil Code. As long as this country is not divided in the constitution, it will remain divided. Let us all demand a Uniform Civil Code from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the manifesto of the year 2024. Can we?’ However, Urfi did not respond to this.

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