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‘Preeta’ Shraddha Arya of ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ has become Rahul Sharma’s bride. Fans are congratulating them on their marriage. At the same time, cute pictures of their wedding celebrations are also going viral. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced in which someone is telling him that his lehenga did not come. Shraddha is seen drinking coffee while sitting in the make-up room. When she comes to know about the lehenga, instead of getting upset, the answer she gives is really amazing.

Shraddha was seen drinking coffee instead of getting upset

Shraddha Arya has tied the knot. A funny video of her is going viral from the middle of wedding ceremonies. In this video, it can be seen that she is sitting completely relaxed in the makeup room. Then they are informed that their lehenga has not arrived yet. Instead of getting upset, she says, get me a sandwich. His friend who recorded the video says, O brother, this bride has to eat and drink. To this Shraddha replies, Neha is watching everything, I am chill.

Shraddha’s beautiful pictures, videos viral

Pictures of Shraddha’s Mehndi, Haldi, etc. dominated social media. She also kept the photo of her future husband secret. Shraddha showed her mehendi, engagement ring in the photo. At the same time, the picture of Kalire’s ceremony was also shared on his Instagram. At the same time, videos from his jaymal to farewell have been shared on his fan pages.

Was married in Delhi, Navy officer is husband

Shraddha Arya got married in Delhi. According to reports, her husband Rahul Sharma is in the Navy. According to the report of our colleague Hindustan Times, his close friends had told that Shraddha’s family members had done their relationship but gradually this arranged marriage turned into love marriage.

Shraddha Arya of ‘Kundali Bhagya’ tied the knot, was seen pulling the groom’s king’s cheek on stage in a red pair

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